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Coil Handling Equipment Spotlight: TLN1 Series

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TLN1 Series

In metal manufacturing and processing, selecting the optimal equipment is paramount. Going deeper, we spotlight KORE Machinery’s TLN1 Series – a premier example of coil handling mastery.

With cutting-edge innovations embedded, the TLN1 Series exemplifies KORE’s commitment to precision, efficiency, and lasting durability.

Standard Accessories

Each unit of the TLN1 Series from KORE is endowed with an array of standard features crafted to augment performance, including:

  • Electric Eye Loop Control System: Guarantees seamless operations and unwavering quality.
  • Feed & Straightener Rolls: Empowered with hard chrome plating for heightened durability.
  • Outgoing Catenary: Lends a hand in assisting and sustaining materials during the processing phase.
  • Pneumatic Hold Down Arm: Exemplifies precision in material management.
  • Advanced Worm Gear Screw Jacks Device: Streamlines adjustments in the feeding line.
  • Uncoiler with Inverter Control & Air Disc Brake: Ensures precise uncoiling for prime results.
  • Reference Indicator Adjuster & Eccentric Roller: Eases the task of setting the feeding exit trajectory.
  • A-Frame Coil Retaining Arms & Coil Width Guides: Certifies that materials undergo accurate processing.
  • Servo Control System with PLC and HMI: Paves the way for a contemporary, matchless operational experience.

Enhance Your Operations With Optional Accessories

KORE Machinery is dedicated to boosting the performance and versatility of your operations through its range of supplementary components. Each accessory is designed to enhance different aspects of your machinery’s functionality.

Firstly, the KORE Coil Car is an innovative solution to elevate your material handling capabilities. This addition can significantly streamline moving and positioning heavy coils, increasing efficiency and reducing manual effort.

In addition to this, KORE offers a Motorized Pass Line Height Adjustment feature. This accessory is crafted for sharp and efficient modulations, allowing for quick and precise adjustments during operations. It’s particularly beneficial in settings with common material sizes and specifications.

Lastly, the Measuring Roll is another optional accessory tailored to meet your precision needs. It’s designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing machinery, ensuring that every cut and bend meets exact specifications. This accessory is ideal for operations where precision is paramount.

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Specifications of Our Coil Handling Equipment

KORE Machinery’s coil handling equipment showcases a range of specifications to meet diverse needs. For instance, the TLN1-300 series accommodates a material width ranging from 75mm to 300mm, a material thickness from 0.4mm to 2.3mm, with a maximum coil weight of 2,000kg, and coil dimensions spanning 508mm in inner diameter and 1,200mm in outer diameter.

Similarly, the TLN1-400 and TLN1-500 series support widths up to 400mm and 500mm, respectively, with the same thickness range and coil weight of 2,000kg for the former and 3,000 kilograms for the latter. Both have coil dimensions of 508mm I.D. and 1,200mm O.D. Lastly, the TLN1-600 series, tailored for broader materials, accepts widths up to 600mm, with a material thickness range of 0.4mm to 2.3mm, and supports a coil weight of 3,000kg with consistent coil dimensions of 508mm I.D. and 1,200mm O.D.

Revolutionizing Industries

KORE Machinery stands at the forefront of delivering advanced coil handling equipment, tailor-made to serve many sectors with precision and reliability. Here’s a glance at our impact across key industries:

  • Automotive: With the evolution of the automotive sector, KORE’s coil handling equipment plays a pivotal role, especially in processing high-tensile strength steel and aluminum alloys vital for modern vehicles.
  • Aerospace: Precision is paramount. Whether it’s processing Titanium or Superalloys, our equipment ensures aerospace materials meet global standards.
  • Agriculture: Our coil-handling machinery aids in crafting efficient farming tools, supporting leading brands in achieving production excellence.
  • Construction: Reliable infrastructure stems from top-tier equipment. KORE’s solutions drive the construction sector, ensuring sturdy and durable outputs.
  • HVAC: Manufacturers lean on our specialized coil handling tools for optimal HVAC systems to process specialty metals with unmatched precision.
  • Service Centers: Service centers bank on our Cut-to-Length and Slitting Lines globally. Addressing challenges in metal processing, our equipment ensures top-notch, stress-free materials ready for subsequent tasks.

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Enhance Your Production Line Today

KORE Machinery continues to set industry standards with its advanced coil-handling equipment. Don’t let your operations lag behind. Embrace the future with KORE and experience unparalleled efficiency and precision.

Ready to redefine your operations with KORE’s advanced coil handling solutions? Contact us today, and let’s bring precision to your production line.

  • KORE Machinery leads the innovation charge in coil processing, providing cutting-edge equipment tailored for diverse industries. Elevate your operational success by securing a custom quote from us today, and experience unparalleled precision and efficiency in your production line.

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