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KORE proudly serves a variety of industries.

KORE Machinery proudly serves a diverse range of industries, providing cutting-edge coil processing solutions. From automotive and aerospace to agriculture, construction, HVAC, white goods, energy, IT and communications, and service centers, we deliver reliable and efficient equipment tailored to meet the unique requirements of each industry. With our expertise and advanced technology, we enable manufacturers worldwide to achieve exceptional results in their production processes.

Auto | Kore Machinery


In the automotive industry, our machines are used to produce blanks for car bodies, chassis, disc brakes and other essential components for the world’s leading automobile manufacturers. Our coil processing lines are often used to process ultra-high tensile strength steel and various aluminum alloys used in automobile manufacturing, while our lamination line solutions have been widely used in the motor manufacturing industry around the world.

Aerospace | Kore Machinery


Developing materials in the aerospace industry often requires careful coil processing techniques. When highly special materials such as Titanium or Superalloys need to be processed, companies to KORE Machinery to ensure such projects are successful.

Agriculture | Kore Machinery


Our equipment is regularly used to process many different types of material ranging from CQ to UHSS to Cold Rolled Martensite for a variety of AG applications. Modern farming machinery is extremely efficient, especially for those top brands who have put their trust in KORE to provide them with coil processing equipment for the manufacturing operations.

Construction | Kore Machinery


KORE offers coil processing solutions for the modern construction industry. Critical infrastructure component manufacturing companies rely on KORE to provide them with reliable equipment and proven production.

HVAC | Kore Machinery


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems significantly improve our comfort level by heating and cooling our homes. HVAC manufacturers across the world find their comfort knowing their production is safe when using KORE Machinery to process the specialty metals required to offer a best-in-class product.

White Goods | Kore Machinery

White Goods

KORE Machinery supplies coil processing equipment to some of the largest white goods manufacturers in the world such as General Electric, Panasonic, Bosch, etc. We understand the importance of maintaining surface integrity and providing sheets with the precise tolerances needed when manufacturing the various appliances used in our everyday lives. Our equipment is specifically designed to give your steel the white glove treatment it needs and deserves.

Energy | Kore Machinery


Whatever the source, steel has a crucial role to play in producing and distributing energy as well as improving energy efficiency. We take pride in supplying equipment to support the manufacturing of components used in various renewable energy applications.

IT & Communications

Information Technology & Communication

The world’s largest manufacturers use our equipment to mass-produce many of the electronic components used in the IT and smartphone industries. Our coil fed processing lines that are used in these industries are often run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, yet continue to produce the highest quality parts with the tightest tolerances possible.

Coil manufacturing equipment

Service Centers

With our Cut-to-Length and Slitting Lines, we provide service centers with state-of-the-art technology for our customers processing carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and many other types of metals used in the industry today. Our renowned Shape Correction Levelers provide solutions for the common coil problems that plague many service centers. Our leveling processes neutralize internal residual stresses and provide stress-free material for laser cutting and other subsequent processing.


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