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Expert Coil Processing Solutions

Our Cut-To-Length Lines are also synonymous with reliability. We appreciate that in the field of metal processing, downtime is a significant cost factor. Hence, our machines are designed to withstand tough operating conditions, consistently delivering top performance. Robust construction, high-quality materials, and premium components ensure the durability and longevity of our systems. Furthermore, the primary goal of our Cut-To-Length Lines is to assist our clients in producing high-quality sheet and plate metals. We ensure precision with every cut, allowing manufacturers to meet their quality specifications consistently.

KORE Machinery remains committed to offering you the most efficient, reliable, and advanced Cut-To-Length Lines. We persistently innovate to ensure our machinery fulfills your operational needs and helps you deliver superior quality products, positioning us as your trusted partner in achieving productivity and quality excellence in your metal processing operations.

KORE Slitting Lines stand as a paragon of versatility, adept at processing a wide range of materials. Whether you’re dealing with stainless steel, aluminum, coated materials, or even red metals, our machinery is engineered to meet your specific needs.

Customizability at its core, these high-performance machines ensure precise and efficient operations, catering to almost any application within the metal processing industry.

Above all, we prioritize quality. KORE Slitting Lines are designed to uphold stringent quality standards, delivering consistent and accurate results that meet and exceed industry expectations. From entry-level operations to complex, high-volume production, we equip you with tailored solutions that don’t compromise on the integrity of the final product. Invest in KORE for a truly elevated metal processing experience.

Our array of press-feeding and coil-handling finish lines cater to the wide-ranging needs of industries across the globe. With the capability to process everything from narrow sheet metal coils to extra wide ones, our versatile equipment has been recognized and utilized across various applications, fulfilling diverse operational requirements seamlessly.

No matter the industry or the scope of the task, our innovative solutions are designed to optimize efficiency and precision. From automotive to construction, manufacturing to metal processing, KORE Machinery’s finish lines adapt to the unique demands of each sector, underscoring our commitment to providing world-class, customized solutions. Join the myriad of industries globally that trust KORE to streamline and enhance their production processes.


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