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Cut-to-Length Lines

Slitting and Cut-to-Length Lines

Whether you’re handling stainless steel, aluminum, or specialty red metals, our advanced machinery empowers you to transform coil rolls into precise lengths with ease and accuracy. Be it a start/stop cut-to-length line or a more specialized rotary shear cut-to-length line, we offer innovative solutions tailored to your exact specifications.

Our rotary shear cut-to-length line stands as a testament to our commitment to advanced technology and robust design. This machinery ensures swift, accurate cuts, promising top-tier efficiency in handling specialty steel and red metals. At KORE Machinery, we invest in research and development to continuously enhance our equipment, delivering you cutting-edge technology that drives your business forward.

We understand the unique challenges of the metal processing industry, and our range of products – from coil rolling equipment to state-of-the-art rotary shears – is designed to meet those challenges head-on. Explore our range of Cut-To-Length Lines today and see the difference KORE Machinery can make in your metal processing operations.

Rotary Shear Cut-To-Length Line for Specialty Steel and Red Metals

Check out the power of precision with our state-of-the-art Rotary Shear Cut-to-Length Line for specialty steel and red metals. This cutting-edge machine is designed to handle the unique demands of specialty steel and red metals, delivering unmatched accuracy and efficiency. From stainless steel to copper and brass, our Rotary Shear Cut-to-Length Line guarantees clean, precise cuts every time. Experience seamless production, improved productivity, and superior quality with our industry-leading solution. 

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