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Start/Stop Cut-to-Length Line


Our premier product, the Start/Stop Cut-To-Length Line, is a key offering in our comprehensive range of Cut-To-Length products. This advanced machinery specializes in transforming metal coils into precise lengths, and it’s designed to handle a range of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, and cold-rolled and hot-rolled metals.

The Start/Stop Cut-To-Length Line boasts a series of stages that uncoil, straighten, trim, and cut metal with precision and efficiency. Starting with the uncoiling stage, where we employ an AC Servo Motor to ensure constant back tension, to the final stacking stage, our equipment automates the entire process for maximum productivity. Key features of this machine, such as our Precision 6-Hi Cassette Style Leveler and Servo Feed Roll, demonstrate KORE Machinery’s dedication to delivering innovative, high-quality, and efficient coil processing solutions. 


Coil Weight Strip Width Strip Thickness Production Speed Material Types
Up to 80,000 Lbs. (35,000 kg.) Up to 96” (2438 mm) Up to 1” (25 mm) Up to 275 ft/min (80 mpm) Stainless steel, aluminum, cold-rolled, hot-rolled & surface-treated



  • Coil I.D. 20” – 24” (508 mm – 610 mm)
  • Constant automatic back tension with AC Servo Motor
  • Regen drives to reduce energy consumption by up to 75%
  • Center Guide System for automatic coil height and centerline adjustment

Strip Feeding System

  • Electrically driven hold-down roll paired with coil peeler to enable “hands-off” strip feeding
  • Breaker roll unit to enable rapid straightening of the material during the threading process

Crop Shear

  • Automatic indexing to provide maximum cropping efficiency
  • EZ Dump scrap bin with powered removal

PVC & Paper Application

  • PVC and paper can be applied to protect surface integrity

Edge TrimmeR

  • Motorized knife gap setting by HMI display
  • Scrap winder with powered conveyor to ensure easy scrap removal

Precision 6-Hi Cassette Style Leveler

  • Automatic cassette exchange system
  • 19 leveling rolls with 6-Hi structure
  • Independent drive system to eliminate internal stresses 
  • Adjustable back-up rolls to improve specific shape defects (e.g., coil set, crossbow, center buckle, edge wave, etc.)

Looping Pit Threading Tables

  • Automatic positioning for ease of threading and tailout processes

Servo Feed Roll

  • Precision servo control to ensure smooth operation optimum tolerances and productivity
  • Indexing speeds up to 600 ft/min with accel/decel rates of up to 1,000 ft/min/sec

Prime Shear

  • Length tolerance of .010” (0.3 mm)
  • Up to 60 cuts per minute
  • Automatic blade gap adjustment by HMI display


  • Pivoting runout conveyors with automatic scrap discharge
  • Double Stacker design for continuous operation
  • Pneumatically cushioned end-stop with tamper for neat stacks
  • Automated Lift Tables and Runout conveyors (electrically driven)

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