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Applications of Sheet Metal in Modern Industries

where to use sheet metal

Sheet Metal Integration in Industrial Practices Sheet metal, a broad classification of metal formed into thin, flat pieces, is necessary in numerous industries due to its adaptability. Its ability to be easily molded, cut, bent, and stretched into various shapes makes it indispensable for manufacturing components in automotive, construction, healthcare, aerospace, and electronics. The benefits […]

KORE Machinery’s Impact on Agricultural Equipment

KORE Machinery’s Role in Enhancing Agricultural Tools

From Steel to Soil At KORE Machinery, we recognize the evolving needs of the agricultural sector, driven by the growing global demand for food, sustainability challenges, and the necessity for precision farming. As the agricultural landscape changes, there’s an increasing reliance on advanced machinery to enhance productivity and efficiency. Our commitment to innovation positions us […]

What Does a Servo Feeder Do?

servo feeders

Servo Feeders Explained A servo feeder is a sophisticated device that precisely feeds material into a machine for stamping, cutting, or forming. Unlike traditional mechanical or pneumatic feeders, servo feeders have servo motors that provide exceptional control over speed, position, and acceleration. This advanced technology allows for unparalleled precision and efficiency, making servo feeders a […]

How Does a Decoiler Work?

decoiling machine

Decoilers Explained Decoilers, integral components of coil processing lines, are machines designed to unwind coiled metal for further processing, such as cutting and forming. There are several types, including cone, single mandrel, and dual mandrel decoilers, each tailored for different coil weights, thicknesses, and production requirements. Cone and dual mandrel decoilers are typically used for […]

Guide to Coil Feeding Equipment for Precision Metal Working

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Innovative Coil Handling Equipment At KORE Machinery, we’re at the forefront of coil processing innovation, and we’re all about the incredible difference that advanced coil feeding equipment can make in metalworking. Our passion for top-notch quality and cutting-edge innovation has made us an industry go-to ally. We are always ready with solutions that meet tough […]

KORE Machinery’s Answer to Metal Forming and Coil Processing Challenges

metal forming machinery

Where Metal Processing Meets Innovation The metal processing world is buzzing with new challenges and opportunities, all thanks to the ever-changing demands for better precision, more efficiency, and greater versatility in metal fabrication. KORE Machinery, a true pioneer leading the charge in coil processing innovations, is at the head of this exciting evolution. In this […]

KORE’s CTL Lines Changing Auto Production

Perfection in Car Manufacturing In automotive manufacturing, where precision is not just a requirement but a necessity, KORE Machinery’s advanced Cut-to-Length (CTL) lines represent innovation and efficiency. These lines, which are perfect for converting parent coils into superior quality flat packaged parts, have become a cornerstone in producing components for various sectors, with the automotive […]

CTL Machines in Metal Processing

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Capabilities of CTL Machines At KORE Machinery, we take immense pride in providing cutting-edge CTL machine solutions that drive the core of metal processing. CTL machines, often called CTLs, represent versatile and indispensable equipment to convert master coils of flat-rolled steel (or other materials) into precise sheet metal sections of customized lengths. This intricate process […]

What Is A Flying Shear Machine?

flying shear cut to length line

Flying Shear Machines Explained The Flying Shear, an integral tool in modern industrial settings, has come a long way in revolutionizing cutting processes across various sectors. But what exactly is this equipment, and how did it evolve into the cutting-edge machinery we see today? Working Mechanism of Flying Shear Its unmatched speed synchronization is at […]

What Do Uncoilers Do?


Uncoiling Equipment Explained The roll forming world has seen several transformations over the years. At its heart, ensuring the unbroken rhythm of machinery and optimizing production is the uncoiler. With the industry’s evolution, this equipment has shifted from simple designs to sophisticated systems, and KORE Machinery sits at the forefront of these advancements. In this […]