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KORE Machinery Wins Contract of Rotary Sheer Cut-To-Length Lines

Cut To Length Lines

KORE Machinery wins a contract for a .250” x 72” Rotary Shear Cut-To-Length line from toll processing service center located in the Midwest. The line is designed specifically for surface critical materials, stainless and aluminum in particular.

The line will consist of KORE’s latest Rotary Shear technology, which is capable of 125 cuts per minute. The Rotary Shear paired with a continuous double stacker will make it one of, if not the fastest Cut-To-Length line of its size in North America.

In addition to the Rotary Shear and Continuous Double Stacker, the line will have many other cutting edge features such as an electrically driven Uncoiler with a regenerative drive for automatic back tension control, top and bottom side PVC/Paper Applicators, Surface Inspection System with an integrated strip cleaning system, and much more.

The line is scheduled to be delivered in October and should be commissioned and fully operational by the end of the year. To see KORE Machinery’s Rotary Shear in action, please check out one of our latest videos by clicking on one of the links below.

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