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CE Certification

CE Certification for enhanced safety

CE Certification – KORE Machinery equipment receives CE approval. The CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area. All KORE equipment will bear the CE marking as a standard. KORE Machinery is dedicated to providing equipment that meets all […]

KORE Machinery Expands North American Sales and Opens Regional Office in Monterey Mexico

KORE Machinery's Regional Sales Office

KORE Machinery expands and opens a regional sales branch in Monterrey, Mexico, and consistently continues its course for growth. The new regional sales office is dedicated to Mexico and the surrounding Latin American countries. This move will shorten the distance between our sales and service reps, which will allow us to better serve our Latin […]

KORE Machinery Wins Contract of Rotary Sheer Cut-To-Length Lines

Cut To Length Lines

KORE Machinery wins a contract for a .250” x 72” Rotary Shear Cut-To-Length line from toll processing service center located in the Midwest. The line is designed specifically for surface critical materials, stainless and aluminum in particular. The line will consist of KORE’s latest Rotary Shear technology, which is capable of 125 cuts per minute. […]