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Slitting Lines Simplified: A Manufacturer’s Insight

Slitting Line System

Slitting Lines Explained

At KORE Machinery, we understand the unique challenges of metal processing contracts and the growing need for precise and customized slitting solutions. With advancements in slitting equipment, software, and tooling practices, we empower manufacturers to meet the demands of finer width and length parameters with full precision.

Slitting is a crucial metal manufacturing process where a coil of material, like steel or aluminum, is cut into specified lengths and widths for various applications. Our state-of-the-art slitting machines employ sharp circular blades that apply substantial compressive forces to make clean and accurate cuts. The result is long strips of material precisely tailored to meet requirements.

Our steel slitting machines have three essential components: the uncoiler, the slitter, and the recoiler. Each part plays a vital role in achieving optimal process quality, and our experts ensure precise alignment during setup to maximize performance and efficiency. Trust KORE Machinery to deliver superior slitting solutions for your metal processing needs.

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Components of a Slitting Line

With the increasing demand for steel coils with finer width and length parameters, the industry has witnessed a surge in the need for robust precision slitting. Technological advancements in slitting equipment, software, and tooling practices have fueled this wave of innovation. Let us take a closer look at the essential components of a slitting line and their functions:

Uncoilers and Feeders:

  • Uncoilers, sometimes referred to as decoilers, play a crucial role in the slitting process. They unwind sheet metal from a coil car and feed it into the slitter.
  • Coil feeders work in tandem with uncoilers to ensure the smooth and even feeding of the sheet metal into the slitter. In some cases, uncoilers and coil feeders are integrated into a single machine, eliminating the need for a separate feeder.

Sheet Slitting Machines:

  • The slitter stands as the heart of the slitting line, responsible for the actual slitting process. It comprises rollers, slide rails, specification adjustment, and knife pairs.
  • Knife setting and adjustment are essential aspects of the slitting machine. Properly adjusted knife pairs cut sheet metal into narrower multi-knives.
  • Roller blades are commonly used to make precise cuts in the sheet metal.
  • The number of mults, or narrow strips, is determined by the tool pairs set up on the slitter.
  • Gauge adjustment controls the width of the mults and the main coil handled by the slitter. Computer control units streamline these adjustments in advanced slitting lines, while simpler slitters may require manual adjustments.


  • The coiler plays a significant role when long strips of material are produced. It collects and winds multiple rolls of film at the end of the slitting line.
  • Proper synchronization between the coiler and slitter is essential for achieving high-quality winding results.
  • In some cases, such as shorter cuts produced by small workshops or certain slitting lines, winders may be excluded.

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KORE Machinery Slitting Lines

Our state-of-the-art equipment offers impressive specifications and innovative features, setting new standards in the industry. With unparalleled performance and reliability, our Slitting Lines are designed to maximize productivity and deliver exceptional results.

Experience the power of our Slitting Lines, boasting impressive specifications such as a coil weight capacity of up to 80,000 Lbs. (35,000 kg), strip widths of up to 96″ (2438 mm) and strip thicknesses of up to .630″ (16mm). Operating at speeds of up to 1,000 ft/min (300 mpm), our machines can handle various materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, cold-rolled, hot-rolled, and surface-treated metals.

Our Slitting Lines feature a range of cutting-edge components and functionalities. From the precision of the uncoiler with automatic height and centerline adjustment to the efficiency of the looping pit and the multiple slitter units that minimize changeover time, each element is meticulously designed to optimize performance. With scrap rewinder, tension unit, adjustable deflector roll, and a reliable recoiler, our Slitting Lines ensure smooth and accurate operations, reducing waste and enhancing product quality.

For more information on our slitting lines, fill out a form or call us!

  • KORE Machinery leads the innovation charge in coil processing, providing cutting-edge equipment tailored for diverse industries. Elevate your operational success by securing a custom quote from us today, and experience unparalleled precision and efficiency in your production line.

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