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TS Series


SeriesMax. Pallet Weight
Max. Table Stacking Height (mm)Thickness of Material
Width of Material
Max. Pallet Dia
Additional Specifications
TS-100010008000.1 ~ 1.25 ~ 120900
TS-150015008000.1 ~ 1.25 ~ 120900


01 Summary

Save floor space, coil material loading time, and increase production with the KORE Electronically Controlled Pallet Reel. The TS series’ specialty is light gauge, or thin material with narrow width, such as tab stock material for beverage cans, electrical parts, and other similar products.

02 Features

  • Design powered by Japanese technology
  • Looping adjustment reaches “zero” tension
  • No need for coil width adjustments

03 Standard Accessories

  • Coil material head up/down controller
  • LED display and speed controller
  • Emergency stop

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