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TRN-Z Series

Metal Coil Feeders

The TRN-Z Series is a part of our coil feeding equipment collection and features NC Servo Feeders designed to handle a maximum material width of 500mm, up to 2mm thickness, and offers left to right displacement up to 250mm.

The series is equipped with spring-type roll pressure and pneumatic-type releasing systems. Standard accessories include a pendant control, chrome-plated roller, guide rollers at the inlet side, an HMI control panel, and a Mitsubishi servo system with Delta brand PLC, HMI, and inverter. Optimize your coil feeding operations with the TRN-Z Series NC Servo Feeder.

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SeriesWidth of Material
L to R Displacement
Material Thickness
Roll Pressure
Releasing System
Additional Specifications
TRN – 300Z300± 150Max. 2 mmSpring TypePneumatic Type
TRN – 400Z400± 200Max. 2 mmSpring TypePneumatic Type
TRN – 500Z500± 250Max. 2 mmSpring TypePneumatic Type


Standard Accessories

  • Pendent control
  • Chrome-plated roller
  • Guide rollers at inlet side
  • HMI control panel
  • Mitsubishi servo system
  • Delta brand PLC, HMI, and inverter

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