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TRN Series

Coil Handling Machinery

The TRN Series, a part of our coil feeding equipment line, features NC servo feeders designed with unique Japanese technology that ensures reliable performance, high precision, durability, and productivity.

These feeders can handle material widths up to 800mm and thicknesses ranging from 0.2 to 3.5mm with a maximum feed length of 9999.99mm and a feed pitch accuracy of ± 0.15mm. Standard accessories include a remote operating switch, entrance catenaries table, hard chrome plated roll, and a Mitsubishi servo system with Delta PLC & HMI. Optional accessories include a floor-type mounting bracket, multi-step program, multi-step dye automation, measuring roll, and motorized pass line height adjustment.

Upgrade your coil processing operations today with the TRN Series NC Servo Feeder. Contact us now for more information or to receive a quote!


SeriesWidth of Material
Thickness of Material
Feeding Capacity (w*t)
Max. Feed Length
Feed Pitch Accuracy
Additional Specifications
TRN – 3003000.2 ~ 3.5300*3.59999.99± 0.15 mm
TRN – 4004000.2 ~ 3.5400*3.59999.99± 0.15 mm
TRN – 5005000.2 ~ 3.5500*2.8
9999.99± 0.15 mm
TRN – 6006000.2 ~ 3.5600*3.59999.99± 0.15 mm
TRN – 7007000.2 ~ 3.5700*3.59999.99± 0.15 mm
TRN – 8008000.2 ~ 3.5800*3.2
9999.99± 0.15 mm



  • Unique Japanese technology design
  • Reliable performance
  • High precision & durability
  • High productivity

Standard Accessories

  • Remote Operating Switch
  • Entrance Catenaries Table
  • Hard Chrome Plated Roll
  • Mitsubishi servo system; Delta PLC & HMI

Optional Accessories

  • Floor type mounting bracket
  • Multi-Step Program
  • Multi-step dye automation
  • Measuring Roll
  • Motorized pass line height adjustment

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