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TFL Series


SeriesWidth of Material
Thickness of Material
Back-up RollerMotor (HP)Leveling SpeedAdditional Specifications
TFL-1005 ~ 1000.1 ~ 0.8Provided1.0 HP + Inverter0 ~ 30 m/min
TFL-1505 ~ 1500.1 ~ 0.8Provided1.0 HP + Inverter0 ~ 30 m/min


01 Summary

The KORE TFL series is designed to straighten the most delicate, highly polished, and fine materials. TFL Fine Straightener is most suitable for lead frames, terminals, cell phones, computers, cameras, CDs, and other electronic products.

02 Features

  • Inverter controlled
  • Easy to clean

03 Special Features

  • All rolls are hardened and ground with a minimum of chrome-polished HRC 60 o.
  • Exit adjuster roll provides up, down, and forward direction.
  • A stepless variable speed control is driven by a modern inverter and used during normal and high speed operation, to accommodate different line speeds.
  • The hand lever opens upper head assembly for inspection and cleaning.
  • Straightening capacity is fully enhanced by back-up rolls.

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