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Metal Straightening Equipment

This powerful coil feeding equipment handles a wide range of material width (75-800 mm) and thickness (0.5-3.2 mm) with a maximum coil weight of 3,000 kg and a maximum speed of 1,200 m/min. The system includes standard accessories such as an electric eye loop control system, hard chrome plated feed and straightener rolls, an outgoing catenary to support the material, and a servo control system with PLC and HMI. Optional accessories include a KORE coil car, motorized pass line height adjustment, and measuring roll. Upgrade your operations and increase productivity with the TLN2 Series. Contact us now to get more information or a quote!


SeriesWidth of Material
Thickness of Material
Max. Coil Weight
Coil O.D.
Max. Speed
Additional Specifications
TLN2-30075 ~ 3000.5 ~ 3.22,0005081,200
TLN2-40075 ~ 4000.5 ~ 3.22,0005081,200
TLN2-50075 ~ 5000.5 ~ 3.23,0005081,200
TLN2-60075 ~ 6000.5 ~ 3.23,0005081,200
TLN2-70075 ~ 7000.5 ~ 3.23,0005081,200
TLN2-80075 ~ 8000.5 ~ 3.23,0005081,2000


Standard Accessories

  • Electric eye loop control system
  • Feed and Straightener rolls hard chrome plated
  • Outgoing catenary to assist and support the material
  • Hold down arm device
  • Feeding line easily adjusted by advance worm gear screw jacks device
  • Uncoiler with inverter control
  • Reference indicator adjuster
  • Eccentric Roller (Upper)-easy to set up the up curve or down curve feeding exit direction
  • Hand-set coil width guide at outlet side
  • Hand-wheel-adjusted coil width guides at straightener inlet side
  • Threading table device
  • Coil tip de-bender
  • Uncoiler with air disc brake
  • A-frame type coil keeper
  • Servo control system, PLC and HMI

Optional Accessories

  • KORE Coil car
  • Motorized pass line height adjustment
  • Measuring roll

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