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Coil Handling & Feeding Equipment

The TLF1 Series is a top-of-the-line coil handling and feeding equipment, designed to facilitate the efficient handling of materials with a width of up to 600 mm and a thickness of up to 2.3 mm, while supporting a maximum coil weight of 3,000 kg.

This series comes equipped with a range of standard accessories including a pneumatic hold down arm device, continuously variable speed controlled uncoiler, and a human interface control panel. Additionally, optional accessories such as a KORE coil car and motorized pass line adjustment can be added to further enhance your operation’s efficiency.

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SeriesWidth of Material
( mm )
Thickness of Material
( mm )
Max. Coil Weight
( kg )
Max. Coil I.D.
( mm )
Max. Coil O.D.
( m/min )
Additional Specifications
TLF1 – 30075 ~ 3000.4 ~ 2.320005081200
TLF1 – 40075 ~ 4000.4 ~ 2.320005081200
TLF1 – 50075 ~ 5000.4 ~ 2.330005081200
TLF1 – 60075 ~ 6000.4 ~ 2.330005081200


Standard Accessories

  • Electric eye loop control system
  • Feed and Straightener rolls hard chrome plated
  • Outgoing catenary to assist and support the material
  • Pneumatic hold down arm device
  • Feeding line easily adjusted manually by advance worm gear screw jacks device
  • Uncoiler with inverter control
  • Hand-set coil width guide at outlet side
  • Hand-wheel-adjusted coil width guides at straightener inlet side
  • Reference indicator adjuster
  • Uncoiler with air disc brake
  • Continuously variable speed controlled uncoiler
  • Human interface control panel
  • A-frame type coil keeper
  • Straightener head opening device
  • Servo control system, Delta PLC, HMI and Inverter

Optional Accessories

  • KORE coil car
  • Hydraulic Straightener head opening
  • Motorized pass line adjustment
  • Motorized coil keepers adjustment (Apply to roller type coil keepers only)
  • Measuring roll

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